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Advice for Athletes during the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Scott Martin , 07/27/20, 12:30PM PDT


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact athletes across the globe, families must still find ways to connect with college athletic programs in order to fulfill many athletes dreams of playing in college. AOG Consulting provides guidance to families who are seeking for their son or daughter to play basketball at the collegiate level. Below are tips and advice for families as they navigate these uncertain times. 


Player Portfolio/Profile

Compiling a highlight, full game film, transcript, and athletic resume for college coaches to easily access is more important than ever in our current state. Profiles on services like,, among other platforms allow for ease of access to the pertinent information in this digital age of recruitment. This should be any players go to when sending out information, much like a business card for professionals in their field. 


Personal Outreach

Get on an email schedule! It is important for players to take control of their recruitment. Send a personalized email to schools you are interested in. Each email should be sent to each specific coach, it should be short, specific, and connected to the university you are expressing interest in. If the coach does not respond, email again! It is also important to get on a follow up schedule. If you are not getting traction with certain colleges that is where you AAU, High School, or recruiting/consulting service should come in to make those connections. 



Get on Twitter! Follow your target schools, and coaches online. Interact with them to get noticed. It is also important to gain traction through the following of your AAU program and/or recruitment/consulting service. These programs should be helping to facilitate your recruitment to the next level. If they are not actively promoting you, you should look for a new program. 



Take advantage of events that are in areas deemed safe for competition. Prioritize events that have colleges in attendance. All Academic Basketball is a great program that puts on events nationally that are attended by some of the best colleges in the country. Visit for more information. West Coast Elite Basketball is also one of the top operators in the western region and has a long track record of getting coaches at their events



In this time where there is not a lot of basketball to be played, it is a great opportunity to look into schools across levels to determine fit. As a rule, you should have a list of reach, target, and back up schools that all fit your long term goals, the ball will stop bouncing. You should be using services such as US News and Report, College Board, and more to ascertain how feasible it is for you to get into that school dependent on your transcript. The movement toward test optional is also something to look at if you have not been able to get a score. There are some athletic departments that are going to require a score regardless of the decision by the NCAA or other member institutions. Take a holistic approach to determining what schools make your list by looking at geography, academic profile, level of play, and how you would fit into that program. 

A great resource for parents and players is the Tuesday Night Talks show brought to you by AOG Consulting, and Silver Waves Media. Each week we sit down with coaches from the best Division 3 colleges in the country. Our series is now on YouTube


Attitude of Gratitude Consulting specializes in guiding families through the recruitment process especially during this time of uncertainty.