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Recruitment Environment Preview

By AOG , 11/10/22, 12:45PM PST


As high school season begins across the country, we jump ahead to the 2023 grassroots recruiting season to preview what the environment may look like for high school athletes. 

Transfer Portal: The transfer portal will continue to impact high school recruiting for the foreseeable future especially in the spring when college coaches will prioritize transfer visits over attending high school recruiting events. 

Prep Schools: The explosion of Prep Schools and Post-Grad programs across the country has created an advantage for athletes who attend these schools during high school or after due to the higher profile and national schedules. Athletes who attend Post-Grad programs also are more enticing for college programs as they are older and are being developed daily in an athletic setting. 

Junior Colleges: Junior colleges have become increasingly an even bigger recruiting environment for college programs. Athletes in the Junior colleges around the country are older, more college ready, and spend multiple years developing in a college environment. 

NCAA College Basketball Academy: The NCAA is set to bring back its college basketball academy which will replace a live period in July. The reduction of live periods effects the amount of live viewing periods athletes are able to take part in, limiting their visibility. The NCAA Academy is capped at a certain amount of athletes which creates an access issue. 

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