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The Basics

The Start of the Recruiting Process

The Realities

The recruitment process is a complex process that is primarily directed by the student-athlete. A student-athlete getting recruited by colleges, rarely just happens. The more information you have on the recruiting process and the more guidance you receive increases the chance you will be able to fulfill your dream of competing at the next level. Our team at Attitude of Gratitude have gone through this process with thousands of student-athletes with resources available to aide you in YOUR process. 

The Starting Point

The recruiting process has evolved overtime to start increasingly earlier in high school. The top programs in the United States recruiting efforts have changed the landscape, requiring programs to increasingly recruit at an earlier age. The top programs (Pac-12, ACC, SEC, Big 10, Big 12) tend to focus on top recruits that play for elite varsity, and club programs with additional accolades. Athletes will hit their stride at different times in their careers which it makes it more important to get their recruiting process started as soon as possible, we advise before the start of your junior year of high school. 

The Levels

It is important to understand the various levels student-athletes can compete in:

  • NCAA Division 1: This is the highest level of college athletics. These programs are typically the most competitive, have larger budgets, expansive facilities, but are also expected to extensively train and travel. Offers scholarships. 
  • NCAA Division II: Division II athletics is still a very competitive division but allows for more life balance. Offers scholarships. 
  • NCAA Division III: Division III is more academically focused with a shorter season. The competition level is still very high. Scholarship offers are not offered but there are numerous types of financial aide.
  • NAIA: There are over 250 NAIA schools that are comprised of smaller, private, more specific colleges. Offers scholarships. 
  • NJCAA: Junior college is a great option for student athletes who are trying to make college more affordable, work on their eligibility or explore additional options.