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The Competition

Understanding How Coaches View Recruiting

With thousands of athletes across the globe competing to play in college it is important to gain an understanding of how players are identified. Initially there are thousands of players in every sport from a variety of levels. Initial evaluations begin based on the basics like height, graduation year and position. Coaches will make contact based on their evaluation which can be from seeing an athlete at an event, online, or through personal recommendation. Coaches will gauge interest to see if it is mutual. It is these initial steps that the thousands turns into dozens which turns into a handful of recruits at each college. As the recruiting process progresses, it continues to narrow as visits and offers are extended. 

Interest, Talent, and Expectations

Gaining an unbiased view of how you compare to other student athletes is one of the most important aspects of being successfully recruited by a college program. A proper evaluation of each student-athlete can be a determining factor in eventually college placement. A student-athlete may strive to play at the Division 1 level but if they do not process the required skill or size it is a pointless endeavor. Attitude of Gratitude will evaluate your film, academics, and goals to make an honest determination of the best path toward reaching your goals. Our team will evaluate college rosters, breakdown film, and garner feedback from college coaches to proceed to proper placement. 

Key Factor: Academics

In order to be considered to play at any level, a student-athlete is required to meet the academic criteria outlined by the NCAA, NAIA, and Junior Colleges. Each school will have a unique set of requirements that could be the difference maker in your admission to that college. An exceptional GPA or test score can be the determining factor of playing at the next level. Our team will evaluate your transcript, course load, and scores to create a plan to create as many opportunities as possible for each student-athlete.